Who can help the Mission and Education Project?

Any person or company can contribute towards the school expenses of the young people selected and assisted by the project.

How can I help?

You can call 55-31-99482.8503 or email missaoeeducacao@gmail.com. Please state your name, address and contact numbers and your interest in participating in the project to sponsor young students. If you wish, you can schedule a visit to meet us and learn more in person.


You can also just click any link below to donate:


Banco Bradesco 

Agência 1890

Conta Corrente 28741-5

Instituição Adventista de Educação e Assistência Social Este Brasileira

CNPJ: 73.686.370/0013-31

Do I need to sign a contract to contribute?


No. Donors do not make any legal commitment to the beneficiaries or to the organization. Your contribution is entirely voluntary and may be discontinued at any time.

How much will I have to contribute?


The contribution is determined by the donor through monthly payments, or a one- time payment (considering the 12 annual installments). Payments can be paid by bank deposit, invoice, PayPal or PagSeguro, by debit card or credit card. To facilitate, the installments can be pre-arranged.


FADMINAS considers the beneficiaries as scholarship holders, therefore the monthly payments are discounted. Each student participates for a few hours a day in miscellaneous campus work activities. The student's family also must participate with part of the monthly payment, which is determined by the socioeconomic evaluation of the beneficiary. The family financial participation is intended to increase the investment appreciation, in addition to keeping the family linked to the educational institution and to the project.

How long can I contribute (patronize)?


The donor contributes for as long as desired, but it is very important that the student can complete the stage of studies for which he will join FADMINAS, especially until the end of high school.

How will I know how my money will be used?


You can always access the student’s names as well as testimonials on the "beneficiaries" link. You can also request information at any time. Donations can be directed exclusively to one student or intended to serve everyone. It is at the discretion of the donor. At the end of each semester, an accountability report will be sent to all donors informing about both the academic performance of the students and the application of the funds collected.


The contribution will be used exclusively for the school fees. Financial and academic reports will be disclosed by e-mail to donors at the end of each semester and may be requested by the donor at any time.

Does the sponsorship system work as an adoption?


No. The sponsorship system of the Mission and Education Project aims to subsidize part of the school expenses of the beneficiaries. The young people enrolled in the project belong to a family living in poverty. In many cases, families are unstructured and young people need counseling, encouragement and psychological and social support for educational and professional growth.

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Every six months we prepare a report containing the information regarding the academic development of each student participating in the project. We strive to keep the donors informed and the same information can also be requested at any time by the donors.

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